College Credit Right Now

“If only I knew back then,

what I know now…”

Learn as much as you can about anything and everything, to ensure that you won’t say this quote in the future about something that can and will help you in the present. Keep an open mind.

We will show you how to:

1. Take College Courses that are Regionally Accredited that can be finished in as little as two weeks.

Regionally Accredited: highest level of accreditation, accepted by every college; State Universities, U.C.s, Private universities. If they aren’t Regionally Accredited, you might as well not being going to college.

2. Show you how a high school student can almost finish college before they finish high school.

3. How to take all your college courses for about $100 a class, even the upper elective classes that cost as much as $400/unit; $1200/course.

And much more!!


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No matter if you are a high school student or college student looking to obtain a college degree, you can and will benefit from this information.

“I am 100% sure that this Article is very valuable to everyone looking to graduate college!!”


My name is Johnny and just like millions of people across America I went to middle school, high school and then college. After college I was expected to get a job, just like everyone else.

Let’s take a step back to high school…

I found out about a particular educational tactic when I was in high school and the only reason why is because I was a threat of not graduating on time because I didn’t have enough credits.

During the summer, the high school had me earn the credits differently than they normally allowed. I went to my counselor in the fall with the proof that I had earned the credits and basically told her,

“I wish I was told about this when I was as a freshman, I could’ve taken many classes this way and saved a lot of time.”

Did she know the information when I was a freshman? “YES.”

and I wasn’t informed, “NO!!”

“If I knew these strategies back when I was 15;

I would have saved a lot of time!!”


Millions of high school students and parents aren’t either. This is so they can keep their funding to ensure the school will be better in the long term, long after the student has graduated.

The high school that I went to had a movie based on events that happened there, “Dangerous Minds”, which stared Michelle Phifer. Within a decade after I graduated, the school received millions in makeovers, it is hardly recognizable to people who haven’t seen it since before the remodel.

Those are the funding dollars put to work to keep my educational goals as well as millions of others on hold.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to improve the school, as a matter of fact, I’m all for it.

Purposely keeping information that can and will better someone’s life away from them, I am against!

College students will also benefit from the article by learning alternative ways of earning credits that the traditional way.

Students attending private, online universities who are paying upwards of $400 a unit are strongly encouraged to get this Article more than any other student.

“I took the route of an Online University;

If I knew the information in this Article when I started College,

I would have saved thousands of dollars!!”


“The information I’m providing you is worth a couple years of your life and tens of thousands of dollars.”

The Article that I created is called (click below):

“College Credit Right Now;

For High School and College Students”

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